The Korean American Coalition – Los Angeles (KAC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 1983 to promote the civic and civil rights interests of the Korean American community. KAC endeavors to achieve these goals through education, community organizing, leadership development, and coalition-building with diverse communities.

  • To be an effective bilingual advocate for the Korean American community by articulating community concerns and interests, and establishing channels of communication with elected officials, private and public agencies, other community organizations, media and the general public.
  • To promote and advocate for the civil and civic rights interests of Korean Americans, increasing civic and legislative awareness and the general social consciousness of the Korean American community.
  • To be an informational resource and referral for and about the Korean American community.
  • To maintain networks of communication and cooperation between KAC and other organizations in the Korean American community as well as with organizations representing other racial and ethnic communities.
  • To maintain a viable working organization composed of first, second, and third generation Korean Americans.
  • To organize and implement leadership development programs encouraging Korean American students to become capable leaders in community and civic affairs.
  • To serve those in the low to moderate income brackets.


Our mission is to advance the Asian American community’s participation, contribution, and influence through faith-based and community partnerships. KCCD serves as a light and bridge between the Asian American community and the greater community at large by connecting and creating private and public collaboration, maximizing the capacities of faith-based organizations and other community non-profits, increasing access to resources and funds, and assisting low-income individuals and revitalizing neighborhoods.


Founded in 1998, LIFT is a national nonprofit dedicated to ending intergenerational poverty. Since then, we have helped 100,000 low-income individuals achieve their goals. Today we connect hardworking parents and caregivers of young children to the people, tools and resources they need.

LIFT operates in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Washington, D.C., communities with some of the highest rates of concentrated poverty. By fostering relationships between low-income parents and caregivers of young children (members) and dedicated volunteers (advocates), we help families build the personal well-being, social connections and financial strength to secure basic needs and achieve long-term goals and aspirations, like a safe home, living wages or a better education.

Headquartered in the nation’s capital, LIFT is also committed to developing strong partnerships with a range of partners on national issues vital to a better future for children and families.


Spark inspires 7th, 8th, and 9th grade students to succeed in high school and beyond by matching them with volunteer mentors in leading workplaces and fueling their academic growth with skill-building and support. By engaging working professionals and connecting businesses with local communities, Spark empowers the next generation to perform better in school and graduate on time, ready for success in college and their future careers. Every year, 1.2 million students drop out of high schools across the US. Here in LA, of the 7,000 students who dropped out of LAUSD’s class of 2013, 87% were socio-economically disadvantaged and 86% were Latino or African American. Recognizing this persisting achievement gap, we partner with schools serving communities of predominantly low-income and minority students, where over 90% are eligible for free/reduced-price lunch and 90% are students of color. Spark inspires and engages these students by connecting them to a unique blend of mentoring, experiential learning, and resources to support their transition to 9th grade.


What if we started saying YES instead of NO? At the Tiger Woods Foundation, we believe that every young person deserves the opportunity to become something more than we ever expected.

Tiger Woods Foundation – TGR Learning Lab has been providing access to quality education to underserved youth for the past 20 years. Our work not only breaks the cycle of poverty through education, but also prepare leaders of tomorrow who are socially responsible and civic-minded. At TWF, we have a proud history of building diverse communities committed to helping young people thrive. When we set out to create the learning center we partnered with local school districts, community leaders, and social investors to offer the best educational & enrichment programs possible to underserved students. We’ve done the same with our scholarship program; and we will implement this model again for our strategic expansion initiative. Our goal is for students in need to thrive in school, in their communities and the working world. Although Tiger is the Foundation’s largest contributor, we know our impact grows and our work is strengthened when we partner with a group of committed, diverse, and innovative social investors.

Build an equal learning and working environment, by holding ourselves accountable to our professed ideals.